Groundworks – Fast Turnaround

Credit: Construction Plant News – cpn online

Whilst wheeled dumpers with 4WD can cope with quite bad ground conditions, the slower tracked alternative really comes into its own on slopes or when very soft and wet terrain is encountered. Rubber tracked dumpers also score when there is the need to minimise ground bearing pressure, such as when working on canal, lake or riverbanks where a heavier point load might trigger a ground collapse. Read More

The Advantages of Rotating Tracked Dumpers

The advantages of rotating tracked dumpers all stem from the fact that you can easily move the skip into the correct dumping position, without having to manoeuvre the whole vehicle into a particular orientation. This can make a rotating dumper much easier to use in tight spaces, but it can also have some less obvious benefits which are worth considering if you are thinking about buying a new tracked dumper. Read More