The Benefits of Hiring a Mini Tracked Dumper

Choosing the right size of vehicle is important when you are picking a tracked dumper for hire. It is important to remember that bigger isn’t always better as there are some significant advantages to choosing a mini tracked dumper.

Why Choose a Mini Tracked Dumper?

A smaller vehicle can offer some valuable benefits when you are choosing a tracked dumper for hire. Although the best vehicle for the job will depend on the kind of work you need to do, a compact dumper can be easier to use, especially on a restricted site.

Mini dumpers are usually classed as pedestrian operated vehicles, which means that less training is required to operate them. It is much easier to turn and reverse in a compact vehicle and mini tracked dumpers can also reach areas that larger vehicles aren’t able to access. Smaller dumpers will also produce less noise and pollution than bigger vehicles. Like other tracked vehicles, mini tracked dumpers are ideally suited to muddy, rough or sensitive ground, but there is the added advantage of transporting them to the site on a truck. You won’t need to drive the dumper on the public roads.

Once the mini dumper is on site, it can have a significant impact on efficiency. Mini tracked dumpers can carry up to ten times as much as a wheelbarrow so they can make carrying materials a lot quicker and easier.

Disadvantages of Mini Dumpers

While a mini dumper can be a good choice for moving limited amounts over relatively small distances, they aren’t designed for larger jobs. If you need to carry more material, you will need to choose a larger tracked dumper for hire. It will be much more efficient to move the material in bulk rather than making many trips with a smaller dumper.