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11 TONNE 360° SLEW


MST-2200VDR (11 TONNE 360° SLEW)

The most productive tracked dumper in the UK today. With a 360˚ rotation, this tracked dumper can fully tip a load at any radius. Particularly useful on sites requiring a large volume carrying capacity where there are restrictions, such as confined routes, tunnels and riverbanks. Where turning and reversing may be a risk for the operator, this offers huge safety and environmental benefits.

The operator is kept in face-forwarding position at all times, resulting in faster speed of operation with comfort. There is almost never a need to reverse this machine.



  • Model
  • Max Payload
  • Machine Weight
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Max Travel Speed
  • Ground Pressure Unloaded
  • Ground Pressure Loaded
  • Slew Radius
  • MST-2200VDR
  • 11000kg
  • 16000kg
  • 432 Litres
  • 10 kph
  • 0.36kg/cm2
  • 0.61kg/cm2
  • 3373mm

Safety Features

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