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Make Your Next Home or Small Business Project Easier with an NTD Hire Dumper

Dumpers are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings, but they're not just for businesses and construction companies. Home or small business owners can get a great deal of use out of a hire dumper, and these rugged and highly versatile vehicles come in a convenient mini form that's perfect for such purposes.

Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Too

While most people typically think of dumpers as vehicles used on construction sites, farms, and similar settings, they're a lot more versatile than they seem. It's true of course that dumpers are widely used on construction sites, in forestry and agricultural work, and on infrastructure projects such as road construction and maintenance. However, some kinds of dumper are useful for small business owners and home owners too.

While the largest dumpers have a capacity of 10,000 kg or more, there are much smaller “mini dumpers” available for hire too. Mini dumpers typically have a capacity of as little as two or three hundred kilos, and the smallest mini dumpers can easily fit through a standard-sized door. As such, the average mini dumper is perfect for landscaping projects at home, and for a wide range of small business uses. Mini dumpers are easy to handle, and can quickly move a large amount of material, despite their relatively small size.

And, of course, if your needs run to a larger vehicle, those 10-tonne vehicles are available for hire too. Choose a track dumper for improved traction on difficult terrain, as well as better handling in tight or hazardous spaces, and opt for a swivel skip for high-precision work where environmental concerns are key. These options are ideal for environmentally sensitive sites because improved traction, weight distribution, and handling of the vehicle causes much less wear and tear on the ground.

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For general enquiries or to book a hire dumper, don't hesitate to give us a call. NTD has six locations—in Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Northumberland, Norwich, and Wembley—giving us nationwide coverage that means we can meet your needs no matter where in the country you are.

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