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Hitachi EG 110R




  • Make
  • Displacement
    EG 110R
  • 5.1 litre


  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Machine Weight
  • Payload
  • 300 litres
  • 16100 kg
  • 11000 kg


  • Travel Speed
  • Travel Speed
  • Gradeability
  • Ground Pressure Empty
  • Track Width
  • Low 0 ~ 7.0 kph
  • High 0 ~ 10.0 kph
  • (empty) 60 degrees
  • 0.44 kg/cm2
  • 800mm


At National Tracked Dumper Hire LTD we aim to add include the very best vehicles in our rental fleet, so naturally the Hitachi tracked dumper is an integral part of our line up. The EG 110R is the largest of Hitachi's rotating tracked dumper line up, with its impressive 11,000 kg carrying capacity complementing a great range of features.

  • A full 360 degrees of rotation to enhance loading and dumping efficiency, for greater all around productivity, as well as reduced fuel consumption
  • The proven durability of Hitachi hydraulics on the vehicle undercarriage, with high tensile steel panels and a D-section dump body frame
  • Durable rubber crawlers with cores of high tensile steel, 30% stronger than comparable conventional machines
  • Transversely-mounted engine to improve downward visibility
  • Centre light to indicate when the body and undercarriage are aligned, as well as a rearward travel light
  • A highly visible monitor panel that's easy to read and side-mounted for convenience
  • Runs on biodegradable hydraulic oil
All of these great features make the Hitachi EG 110R perfect for heavy-duty dump work, with the precision loading and dumping that comes with 360 degree upper body rotation. Strong and rugged, productivity-enhancing and extremely reliable, the EG 110R Hitachi tracked dumper is a proven favourite with our customers.

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