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Hire a Swivel Skip Tracked Dumper at NTD

National Tracked Dumper Hire LTD has a strong commitment to ensuring that our tracked dumpers are top quality in every respect, and that doesn't just mean in terms of essentials such as safety and productivity. We're concerned with environmental matters too, and that's why we offer swivel skip tracked dumpers that help to minimise the impact of heavy-duty vehicles on construction site environments.

Terrain compaction caused by continual movement of heavy vehicles over the same terrain, and the risk of contamination caused by imprecise dumping of materials, are two major concerns at environmentally-sensitive construction sites. Both of these problems can be more than adequately addressed with the use of swivel skip tracked dumpers, with offer high-precision movement control in all terrain, along with the benefits of 360 degree skip rotation.

Highly Precise Control Over all Terrain Types

Wheeled dumpers are good all-purpose vehicles in many situations, but the fact is, tracked dumpers have so many advantages that it makes sense to use them whenever possible. The superior traction of tracked vehicles allow them to move easily over wet or muddy ground, and up steep inclines, where wheeled vehicles typically have trouble. As well as this, those tracks also spread the weight of the vehicle and its load much more evenly and with less overall pressure, which means that ground compaction is greatly reduced. When environmental sensitivity is a concern, tracked dumpers therefore have considerable advantages over wheeled vehicles.

A Full 360 Degree Range of Motion

The 360 degree swivel capability of the swivel skip has some important benefits too. That 360 rotation means that loading and unloading the skip is faster, easier, and more precise even in smaller spaces, all of which translates into better productivity. With the ability to change the loading and dumping direction of the skip without moving the vehicle, there's less need to continually manoeuvre the vehicle into different orientations, which again helps to minimize compaction.

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