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Swivel Tracked Dumper Hire at NTD

As part of our commitment to making our fleet of hire track dumpers the absolute best in terms of environmental sensitivity, NTD offers a range of swivel tracked dumpers that are ideally suited for sites where environmental concerns are a high priority.

Swivel tracked dumpers are designed specifically to make bulk material movement easier and safer, particularly in areas where movement is restricted. With the combined advantages of tracks over wheels, and a 360 degree swivel skip that makes load dumping easier, safer, and more accurate, the swivel track dumper is also ideal for work in environmentally sensitive locations.

The Advantages of Swivel Tracked Dumpers

Precision movement control, thanks to tracks that allow vehicles to move easily over difficult terrain that wheeled dumpers can\'t navigate. Tracked dumpers can climb steep hills with ease, and move over wet or muddy ground, thanks to the superior traction they offer. As well as this, the superior weight-spreading properties of track as compared to wheels means that ground compaction is lessened. On sites where environmental impact needs to be minimized, tracked dumpers are an absolute must.

360 degree swivel skip rotation provides some additional benefits. The 360 degree rotation of the swivel skip means that material can be loaded and dumped in any direction with a high level of precision. As a result, there\'s a greatly reduced need for making U-turns on-site, and no space is needed for changing the loading or dumping direction of the skip. Controls are simplified too, so that operators aren\'t required to switch between forward and reverse modes of operation. All of that means that it\'s easier and safer to load and unload the vehicle, even in restricted areas, and it also means that vehicles don\'t need to drive over the same ground as often, further helping to minimize compaction.

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National Tracked Dumper Hire LTD has six locations up and down the country, and that means we can meet your dumper hire needs wherever you are. If you\'re looking for a swivel tracked dumper hire, give us a call today.

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